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Townsville the City of Festivals!

Townsville is the capital of North Queensland Australia. Townsville is very famous for it`s plentiful festivals and cultural events which occur all the year. Because of tropical temperature the Townsville region is a vibrant mix of bustling communities Townsville has a magnificent history, relaxed environment and amazing natural beauty that will surely make you have wonderful vacation and memorable memories. Townsville is a hub of fashion, food and Fun.Vacationers can enjoy boutique clothes shopping, outdoor dining and regular local market.There are many things to do in Townsville such as Cuddling koalas, diving to see the collapse of the luxury ship SS Yongala, marine beside Ross River, surfing, running up the city’s Castle Hill, native galleries and experiencing paradise in the face of the beautiful Magnetic “Maggie” Island, rain forested National Parks, pristine beaches, wilderness towns and hot islands.

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Hire a motorhome for These Beautiful Attractions!

S.S. Yongala

The S.S. Yongala is known as one of the best wreck dives in the world, the warm hot waters providing the perfect environment for varied marine life including turtles, barracuda, huge gropers and schools of trevally and cobia. Whales, manta rays and bull sharks are also a common sight.This is a good area for visitors who want to have some thrill.


Balgal Beach

It`s beach side community popular as a day and overnight trip purpose for locals and tourists to Townsville. Just a few minutes from Rolling stone, Balgal Beach features a stinger net, which is connected and watched from November to May, and an excellent boat ramp talent with easy access to the Palm Island group. It boasts excellent seashore as well.

Castle Hill

Is the glowing stone work mountain .The mountain homes wide range of plants and animals. It is popular vacation destination for both local peoples and tourists. The popular activities on the area are bird watching, jogging and sight-seeing most especially since the Castle Hill provides beautiful panoramic views of Townsville.

Billabong Sanctuary

The site is not too far-off from the city of Townsville. The Billabong Sanctuary Park is famous for its features in which educational programs is one of the best. In this park you can also see crocodile feeding time and for homing of animals such as birds, koalas, kangaroos, snakes and wombats. Brave and heroic visitors are allowed to pet some of the animals its houses.

Magnetic Island

It is a mountainous island and today is a popular holiday this island lot of attractive features visitors sees such as its bird sanctuary, World War II forts, national park and picturesque walking paths.There are many events which organize in this magnetic Island.The Bay Days Festival,Great Tropical Jazz Party and Magnetic Island Adventure are all establish in island.

Maritime Museum

This museum is for local community .The museum homes a library, bookshop, memento shop and galleries and exhibits. The venue’s popular attractions are its collection of SS Yongala memorabilia.