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Melbourne is the capital and most populated city in Victoria and second largest city in Australia.It is located on the banks of the Yarra River where it meets Port Philip Bay and is a friendly, multicultural city, home to people from over 140 nations.Therefore,its filled with a lot of interesting sights to see and places to discover and or do some unforgettable and fun filled outdoor activities with family and friends. Melbourne is all about social lifestyle. It is a multicultural city with astounding buildings dating back the Victorian era, wonderful parklands and a plethora of entertainment from sports to concerts to plays and exhibitions, shopping areas. Melbourne has turned eating out into an art form. Over 3000 restaurants present fine cuisine accompanied by superb local wines. When night falls, live music, live comedy, concerts, theatre and films are all close by. Bike riding, fishing, exploring the Dandenong Ranges, hiking, horse riding, leisure walking, windsurfing and playing tennis are just some of the popular activities anyone could do in this lively or energetic city.Secret gardens can be discovered all over Melbourne as more than a quarter of the city is green.

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Hire Motorhome for Top Attractions in Melbourne:

Brighton Beach lies 8km south of Melbourne, Australia. It features wonderfully colored beach huts, restful sands and charming sites of the area and the city from the end of the beach.Walking along the beach on a sunny day is well recommended for it is when the color of the huts looks more conspicuous.

Chinatown Melbourne is the Little Bourke Street of Melbourne. It goes back the year 1851 when gold was discovered in Australia .The area’s highlights because of the Chinese Museum, stores and economical yet good tasting food. It is also known for the miscellaneouseateries specialize in providing Singaporean, Thai, Japanese and Indian food.

Dandenong Ranges or Dandenongs

The area homes the popular Dandenong Ranges National Park and a number of beautiful modest villages. Ride on the traditional railway panting Billy Railway is highly recommended for those who wish to explore the Dandenong Ranges.

The Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens

The zoological garden is more commonly known as Melbourne Zoo isapproximately four kilometers from the city Centre.The zoo first opened on 6 October 1862. It currently homes over 320 animal kinds from Australia and many parts of the world within its 55 acres land.The zoo’s major exhibits are Elephants, Gorillas, Lions, Orangutans and Tigers.

Queen Victoria Market or Queen Vic Markets

It lies at the corner of the streets Elizabeth and Victoria within the central business area of Melbourne, Australia. The market officially opened on the 20 March 1878 and is currently one of the most well-likedtourist destinations in the city. The venue homes a number of stalls that sells extensive variety of items with fashion items, jewelry, jam donuts, arts and crafts and fresh produce like fruits, meat and vegetables.

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