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Launceston is the second largest and oldest city in Tasmania was recognized in 1805.Launceston is also aimmense location to immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. Launceston is also known as the city of crafts that have high artistic value such as metal crafts, soil, painting, monument, statues, etc. Launceston has one of the best-preserved in Australia with its abundance of culture on offer at art galleries, museums and local designer stores, there are many delightful tourist attractions in Launceston. There are some parts of the city which is famous such as the mall, the old buildings around the city and a tourist point named Penny Royal World, a kind of dream world that serves a variety of attractions and tours into the past Tasmania. It’s a livelycenter for food and wine, culture and nature. In fact, the whole region is full up with city and country charm, stunning old towns, superb food and wine and striking scenic highlights. The city holds a natural charm such as Cataract Gorge Reserve, a blend of the natural beauty of the river, the cliffs, and thedeferral bridge spanning both sides of the River Tamar upstream.Additionally Launceston famous for its beautiful gardens and old buildings are still sealed today.

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Best Things to Do in Launceston

Launceston City Park

City Park was once called the ‘People’s Park. Thisbeautiful oasis is right in the heart of Launceston city. The Launceston City Park is a wonderful example of a botanic aspect done right, and a fine feather in the cap of the city’s development that features something that nearly everyone can appreciate and enjoy. The Launceston City Park is especially pleasurable in the autumn and spring season due to the mixture of colors on display and wonderful trees with the dappling of yellows and reds both on the twigs and dotting the ground make for amazing surroundings. This beautiful parkland features full-grown trees and bushes, a exhibition of annual flowers, Japanese Macaques (monkeys) are always a admired attraction, and there is a small undercover shelter for screening, The John Hart Conservatory is close by and has a stunning collection of flowers, a duck pond, senses garden, monuments, chess board, significant Albert Hall, barbeque area and a children’s playground.There’s a mini train that takes visitors on a enjoyable little ride around the edge of the park. It has been a rest of many important exhibitions, get-to-gathers, musicals and cultural events and public meetings.City Park isalso famous for hosting Tasmania’s premier food, wine and entertainment occasion – Festivals.

Launceston Aquatic Centre

Launceston Aquatic Centre has two kind of swimming pool one is indoor and other is outdoor swimming pools, but the highlights for kids are the massive outdoor water slide and the multicolored indoor water-play area with water slide and a huge pail that dumps water.  The Launceston Aquatic Centre has indoor warm pools, spas and water-slides.  There’s a beach-entry pool for younger kids to splash about, and a lap pool for the serious swimmer.  There’s also a cafe advertising awesome freshly squeezed juice, so you can just go and read the paper if you want!!

Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery

Australia’s largest regional museum, the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG) in Launceston, Tasmania has two key sites: a Museum at Inverse; and Art Gallery at Royal Park. The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery rebuilt in 1891, the museum’s is a house of Aboriginal, traditional and community history. QVMAG is very much community-based, playing a key role in displaying cultural and social histories through its exhibitions.

The Queen Victoria is famous for its excellent collection, which includes fine exhibitions of colonial art, contemporary craft and design, Tasmanian history and natural sciences, specially a zoology collection. The building standsas a fine specimen of Victorian architecture. The museum also has a rich collection of photography, oral histories, cuttings and files. Art Gallery has provided a unique opportunity to engage with contemporary and historical art and design.


Launceston Indoor Sports Arena

Want some exercise but don’t want to risk getting caught in a rainstorm?  You can play a game of tennis at the Launceston Indoor Sports Arena, which has recently had a huge conservatory and improve to the facilities.  You can even take the footy action on the big TV screens in the cafe.

The Cataract Gorge

The Cataract Gorge is a river gorge in Launceston, northern Tasmania, and Australia and is one of the major tourist attractions in Launceston. About a 15 minute easy walk from the bridge is the First Basin. The first basin is a very well-liked swimming site during warm summer days. Wallabies and Peacocks generouslyrove the reserve. There is a beautiful restaurant and a kiosk in the grounds. On the other side of the basin is a 50 meter swimming pool which includes a full length wading pool for young children. There are lawns, change rooms and another kiosk. There is also a chair lift linking the two sides of the basin.


The Tamar Valley

The Tamar Valley is one of main attraction of Launceston that offers attractive sites and an enjoyable journey down the quiet waters. The river’s coasts are perfect for bird watching and the vine yards which create longerbeside its sides gifts the area with some of its best wines.

The Ben Lomond National Park

Ben Lomond National Park offers a great contrast to the dry coastal parks in other areas of eastern Tasmania. Rock hiking and walking are just some of attractions for the more active.It’s a winter destination.People come in winter season and enjoy a lot Ben Lomond National Park is a popular place as it offers an ideal place for skiing. The park is places on the slopes of Tasmania’s second highest peak Legged.

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