No Campervans, Lets Talk Food

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January 29, 2016
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No Campervans, Lets Talk Food

Mmmm, yummy.. oh sorry i got carried away. I was trying to write something about campers but could not resist thinking about the BBQ I made few days ago and till date the taste of that chicken still melting in my mouth.

So, lets talk BBQ today!

just so you know I have 3 kids and all 3 are super crazy about BBQ. Honestly, I never had a BBQ till I was at age of 18 (i think and best I could remember) it is because of almost NO BBQ shop in our part of city and maybe due to no eating outside home culture from good`ol days i guess? anyways, children these days growing up eating burgers, pizzas and Barbecue not knowing and realizing the affects of fast (junk) food that WE (the parents) buy for them because we are selfish. We know it is not good for kid,s health mental and physical but why spend our Precious time in kitchen or on BBQ table if we can just fetch it ready made from market? because it worth it.

Everything we do is for the best of our loved ones. Be it earning money, making a living or anything else so why not make something for them at home with own hands. and believe me there is nothing more satisfactory then presenting loved ones with the best food item they crave for (you know what they like, no question in that). so why not make it?

I know most people fail when it comes to cooking but almost everyone fails at first time… or 2nd.. or 6 times as in my case BUT in the end we succeed. personally i am not a good cook, hell i cant even make an omelet properly. always something happens, break yolk, burnt sides or even end up making something that cannot be described as omelet. but that,s ok, i am not an egg lover myself. it is the BBQ that I am crazy for and so does my family so why not do something about it. Well, after eating BBQ from different restaurants numerous times and paying hefty bills AND knowing that this maybe unhygienic. I decided to make it at home.

bbq bench asian style

This one is smaller then the one i had but just for illustration.

It is clear as day that the BBQ i make at home will be super clean (if not super hygienic per say) and all the spices and ingredients shell be of highest possible quality BUT there were a few problems. I DON`T KNOW HOW TO MAKE BBQ. so what? first thing first, i bought a standard BBQ bench (image bellow) and some iron sticks and some coal bags. Then got 2 chickens and make small pieces (Asian style, it is called TIKKA BOTTI) then crossed all pieces on iron sticks then applied some home made ingredients that my wife made and get cracking after half hour of struggle burning the coal. lets cut it to the end. you don`t want to know how i make it and what happened in between but it was nothing we could call BBQ. many chicken pieces dropped in fire, no flavor of any spices, just half burnt half uncooked tasteless chicken.

That was the first time. after many failed attempts we finally figured out all the do`s and don`ts. how to make correct size pieces, how to apply ingredients and what to apply and when, how to make juicy or crispy ones blah blah blah.

The whole point of this post is not just sharing my own story of how i came into making BBQ at home but also why you should do it too. After wasting some ingredients, killing a few chickens for nothing and sweating for few hours.. you,ll get there.

now some honorable youtube videos that i picked from youtube just for beginners.

remmember, nothing is more satisfactory then making your kids happy and i think BBQ is the best way to do it. I will add some personally tested recipies later in another post. ENJOY

It is nice to be me, no kidding. living as an honest human being, doing SEO for bread and butter, I am a true motor homes and 4x4 enthusiast.

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