Experience the Aboriginal art and bird watching at ALICE SPRINGS

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Experience the Aboriginal art and bird watching at ALICE SPRINGS

Alice Springs is located in the center of Australia, equidistant from Darwin and Adelaide. It is a legendary place and is famous for its aboriginal art and European colonial history. It is surrounded by vast deserts and springs which give this frontier its name.

Visit Alice Springs’ Reptile Centre

It has the largest collection of reptiles in the Northern Territory. This reptile center allows to get a closer look at the various species of reptiles present here including  Frill-necked lizards, Thorny Devils, Perentie Goanna , venomous snakes including Brown snakes and Death Adders.

Adventure to the West MacDonnell Ranges on your own campervan

A few hours’ drive to the east of Alice Springs is the tremendous MacDonnell Ranges and is equipped with Aboriginal Art like Emily Gap, trephine gorge and N’Dhala Gorge.

Hiking the Larapinta Trail

One of the world class and long distance walking trails is the Larapinta trail which is the greatest attraction in west MacDonnell Ranges for the people who love to hike along with drive to reach the destination. Along the trail you come across The Simpson Gap, Standley Chasm and various other spots of scenic attractions.

The Annual Desert Mob Art Show

Art collectors and lovers have a golden chance as The Annual Desert Mob Art Show is coming soon this year in September in Alice Springs. The Show includes the work of Aboriginal art. So hire a campervan and don’t miss the show as Motorhome Central Campervan is here to let you live your dreams, travel the Alice Springs and make a memorable visit for the years to come.

Bird Watching at Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the city rich in different types of habitats the Todd River, a major outback watercourse which cleaves the town in two and the Heavitree Range, a stark wall of mountain which runs east-west through the south of the town. Town sewage ponds and its botanic gardens are man-made sites which are also a good habitat for birds.

Top bird watching sites within the town boundary include:

Alice Springs Sewage Ponds, Upper and Lower Todd River, Olive Pink Botanic Gardens, Alice Springs Desert Park, Emily and Jesse Gaps, Mt. Gillen, Flynn’s Grave, Simpson’s Gap Bicycle Path etc.

Birding sites within half an hour’s drive of the town include:

Kunnoth Bore, Santa Teresa Emu-wren sites and Simpsons Gap.

Among several species of birds which you can watch at different sites of Alice Springs, are Spinifex bird, Crimson chat, Dusky grasswren, Singing honeyeater, Orange chat, Zebra finch, Honeyeaters, Emu, Black-breasted buzzard, Cockatoos, Parrots, Long-billed Corella, Budgerigar, Falcons and many more.

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