Landscapes and waterfalls that take your breath away at Kakadu National Park, Australia

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Landscapes and waterfalls that take your breath away at Kakadu National Park, Australia

On 17 km southeast of Darwin is located Kakadu National Park. Aussie creatures are bizarrely beautiful, no matter how much you read about the uniqueness of Aussie wild life, it is of no substitute to the amazement felt when one had a real experience in witnessing majestic creatures in their native environment. One place that stands out as an ideal spot for wildlife watching is Northern Territory’s Kakadu National Park. Kakadu home bird species which are unique to this park and the impelling and worth watching view of fresh and salt water crocodiles is simply amazing. A stop at the Mamukala bird watching hut offers a lovely, peaceful view of the wetland. September is the time to be here for bird watching The dry season is the best time to spot these behemoths, Other rarely seen species that you may come across  include the bitsy marsupials and the flat back turtle .The journey is started in Darwin to the half day trip southeast for a camping trip. So make this trip memorable in your own campervan and which will provide you the best services. A trip that will spark your memories for years to come.

Gunlom, Waterfall Creek

A magical combination of waterfall and serene plunge pools is the Gunlom. Gunlom plunge pool is one of the world’s best sites for wild swimming where you can enjoy the stunning views over the entire Kakadu National Park and watch the beautiful color changing pattern in the sky. The best time to visit is the sunset.

Gunlom in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia is most likely one of the most traveled to destinations of our four wheel campervan self-drive clients.

Compared to Twin falls and Jim Jim Falls self-drive routes to Gunlom are comparatively easier.

gunlom falls

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim falls is registered on the Australian National Heritage List. The Jim Jim Falls descends over the Arnhem Land escarpment within the UNESCO World Heritage–listed Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia, the largest waterfalls in the park. In the dry season, access to the falls is possible via a gravel road only in a four wheel drive. Enjoy a refreshing bushwalk through monsoonal forest surrounded by towering cliffs. Continue along the winding sand track to Twin Falls Gorge where there is time to explore this remote region.

jim jim falls

Maguk or Barramundi Gorge

Maguk or Barramundi Gorge is among those falls of Kakadu National Park which do not dry up straight in the dry season. Maguk a gorge within the Stone Country is located at an hour’s drive south from Cooinda past the Cooinda turnoff in the South of the park on the Kakadu Highway, in World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park. A 14 kilometer four-wheel drive trip, followed by a one kilometer walk, at the base of the steep gorge walls is present a beautiful natural plunge pool. You find Maguk in the Mary River Area, in the southern part of Kakadu National Park. It gets smaller towards the end of the dry season but it always flows.

Magnuk falls

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